The 2 Step Process to Learn Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a great skill to learn. The internet is a global marketplace and offers a level playing field whatever your financial situation or business acumen. The really good news, despite what you may hear about saturation, is that huge areas and therefore markets, remain totally unchartered and as a result, there is still massive potential to make a vast amount of money.

So despite all the hype out there, it is pretty safe to say that we are barely scratching the surface of this exciting opportunity. As one established and successful internet marketer once said, “I think we’re still at the start of the start.”

However, the fact remains that if you are a newcomer to internet marketing then you are faced with a very steep learning curve, and it’s very important that you accept this and don’t buy into the myth of overnight success. Yes, you can quite easily make money online, once you master the principles, and yes, you can make it fast in comparison to some traditional offline bricks and mortar businesses, but first you have to learn HOW to do it, and that’s what the learning curve is all about. However, all that effort will be worth it, as once you have surmounted the learning curve (by only a small amount), you will have set yourself up for life.

So, back to the aforementioned 2 step process:

Step No 1.

When you enter the internet marketing industry,it can be likened to being in a sweet shop as a child, as you are constantly shown the latest shiny object, and the latest trendy thing to do. You are forever being seduced by the gurus with all there fantastic promises of overnight riches and one click push button software. So as a beginner you need to be aware of this and understand that there is no need to purchase every single piece of software you are offered, and every eBook out there. You can if you wish, learn by utilising free internet marketing methods.

So What are the two Methods of Free Internet Marketing?

The first is blogging. Blogging has grown by a ridiculous amount in the last few years, there are hundreds if not thousands of internet marketers who make a fulltime living simply by blogging, and yet the potential is still massive. You can create free blogs with ease, without any HTML or programming skills thanks to blogging platforms such as WordPress. You can easily learn basic traffic techniques using free social media to attract visitors, and also once you have a good traffic source you can monetise your blog (free again) using Google AdSense, affiliate links and banners to make money. There is also a wealth of free advice all over the internet which will teach the basics in order for you to make money with your blogs.

Step No 2.

The second free internet marketing make money strategy, is to simply go to ClickBank or some other affiliate marketing program,- Commission Junction is another – and pick a suitable affiliate product to promote. You can then do a Google search on the relevant forum,(dependent on the niche product you have chosen to promote) make some useful contribution to the forum by commenting on some related threads, then include your affiliate link in your signature.

I must stress however, that it is not good practice to simply spam your link all over the forums without first giving some value to the communities, constant spamming will probably get you banned from most internet marketing forums anyway.

What are You Looking to Achieve From Internet Marketing?

I would hope that you are like me, and Ultimately you are looking to finally get to the day when you can make money while you are sleeping, from multiple sources. Even if you can make only a measly $1 a day from a free internet marketing method, then quite simply all you would need to do is repeat it 100 times and you would be earning $100 a day, so I hope you can see the potential in this.

So don’t be fooled by the fake gurus out there who will look to sell you on all of the so-called latest money making systems, you simply DON’T need them at all. If you are a beginner looking to learn internet marketing, then look for somebody who will show you FREE methods as well as paid, and who can show you the results that you are wanting for yourself.

In short you would be well advised to follow the advice of Tony Robbins who once said ” If you are looking to learn something new, find somebody who is already succeeding and copy them”. So utilise the FREE Internet Marketing strategies first, the move onto the much quicker paid strategies as and when you feel you are ready.

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